nedjelja, 23. prosinca 2012.

All facebook emoticons and more

Well,I think now I am collected all facebook emoticons on one place. Check for yourself and see!

četvrtak, 6. rujna 2012.

Funny facebook pictures

I couldn't resist to post these. Laughed my ass out on some of them :D

subota, 11. kolovoza 2012.

Just a few motivational posters for facebook

Use it and share them on facebook and have a lot of fun :)
Like this post if you want me to publish more posters!

petak, 10. kolovoza 2012.

Use anyones profile picture as facebook emoticon chat

Did you know that from now on facebook emoticons don't have to be simply pictures that shows emotions. Facebook let's you to use anyones profile picture while you are in their chat. You acn also use profile picture of any user or official page or event or service. All those pictures can now be used as facebook emoticons in facebook chat. Now gates to more complex chats are widely open. Imagine what can you say with all those profile pictures that are on facebook!
Procedure to do this is very simple:

1. Pick up any profile or page or event which picture you want to use in chat

2. Now look at address bar,profile or page URL which look like this: . TheSimpsons is part which we will use and it can be others too. It can be number also

3. To use picture from profile or page you must now put found word (or number) in double brackets like this: [[TheSimpsons]]

4. If you copy that in facebook chat or message window you will get this:
 Yeah,it's a small picture but it can be useful in most of the cases. 

You can send these emoticons both from your computer or cell phone but they will be displayed properly only to online users. Those on mobiles won't see them.

Have a fun!

nedjelja, 5. kolovoza 2012.

Cute bunny for your facebook status

Update your facebook status with this cute bunny :)


subota, 4. kolovoza 2012.

Protect your facebook password

You simply have to take care of your online security. Even if you do not use things such as online banking or paypal these days hackers often steal even facebook accounts. Passwords needs to be protected and a lot of people doesn't care about them too much until someone steal their password and do some damage. Here's one software that will help you manage all your passwords: RoboForm. That program will store all your online passwords at one place in encrypted mode. Millions of users world wide uses RoboForm andit is recommended by leading computer magazines. Just download it and try it for free and you will be thankful and ask yourself why didn't you use it before.

srijeda, 1. kolovoza 2012.

Special offer for US players - play Angry Birds online!

This is special offer only for US guys. Play Angry Birds online for free and have tons of fun. This game is so addict that I know to waste whole day playing it. On same site you can play tons of other games too. Site is limited to US players because of some copyright restrictions same as on some video sites. Sorry about that guys.

petak, 6. srpnja 2012.

Do you like sweet or saucy?

Yeah,facebook is ok for hang around but if you are looking for something more than friendship you may look at hot new site
The sweet thing is that you may simply login in to it using your facebook login.Just one click and you are there!The bad thing is that this site is only for english speaking persons from USA,UK,Canada,Australia,New Zeland and Republic of Ireland.So,if you are from one of those countries you should check it for some hot girls waiting for you.Yeah,if you are girl there's also some hot guys around lol

ponedjeljak, 25. lipnja 2012.

Funny pic for your wall

From now on I will be adding some funny pics which you can post on your walls and share them on facebook.Enjoy!